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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Drones, What's the difference?

Unlike standard photography and videography, we can use our drones to get to great heights with new perspectives without the cost of using traditional aircraft. Those hard to reach rural or overgrown areas can be reached in minutes as opposed to up to an hour. 

Where are you located and what areas do you service?

WFAerial Productions is located in St. Mary's County Maryland and serves most of Maryland without travel fees. If you want to get us on a project that requires a plane or a long drive then all we ask is that you pay basic travel and lodging expenses. Our bags and passports are at the ready.

What sort of equipment do you use?

Please refer to the break down the specifics of our equipment in our Tech Page.


What about safety?

Safety is our paramount concern at WFAerial.  We will not fly directly over people or in inclement weather (precipitation, high winds, etc). We also utilize Visual Observers to provide an additional level of on-site safety.  Our FAA Part 107 pilots are experienced and responsible operators with experience on an array of equipment and can create safe yet incredible, innovative shots.

How far can you fly?

The drone must remain within the Pilot's line of sight at all times, and most of the time our height ceiling is 400 feet (122 meters) by law, unless we have prior coordination and are able to obtain a waiver.

How long can you fly?

We use rechargeable batteries to power our copters. Each battery lasts anywhere from 25-35 minutes, depending on the temperature, wind conditions, and distance covered. Swapping out a battery only takes a couple minutes and we always bring multiple batteries to each shoot. If required, we can also recharge batteries during a shoot.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are all FAA Certified Part 107 operators. 

Are you insured specifically for drones?

Yes, we are insured from 1-10 million dollars for every commercial flight we operate. If you decide to book us, we will be happy to provide you with our certificate of insurance.

What are the current FAA restrictions?

1. Our pilots must maintain a visual line of sight with the drone at all times.

2. Flying must be done during daylight hours, with the only exception being 30 mins before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset, unless we are using a nighttime waiver.

3. Maximum altitude is 400 feet above the ground or a structure. For example, if we are filming a 150 ft building, we could fly 550 ft high directly above the building.

4. We cannot fly over the heads of people who are not directly participating in the operation.

5. We cannot fly within a 5 mile radius of an airport without prior authorization from the FAA. 

IMPORTANT: We CAN fly in the DC Metro area with enough time to submit requests and approvals. We currently are applying for a blanket certificate of authorization for certain other sections of the area.

To check your project's specific location in relation to airports, please visit this interactive map:

Where can I learn more about the Part 107 and safe drone operation?

- FAA Fact Sheet

- FAA Drone Zone

FAA LAANC Summary and FAQ

More Questions?

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out and ask on our Contact Page, we might even address your question here or on our blog page!

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