Our Technology


   Dont be fooled by its small size, this little guy packs a powerful punch. Equipped with a state of the art, purpose built 20 MegaPixel Hasselblad camera with a 1 inch sensor, it has the capability to quietly fly in tight spaces, shoots in 10-bit HDR video, adjusts aperture and more. A great drone for all operations. And with multiple batteries and a quick charging solution, we can keep it in the air for hours!

Handheld DSLRs, Lenses and Accessories

    Our wide array of Camera Bodies and Lenses, 18mm-200mm, Wide Angle, Macro, and Telephoto; allow us to get a wide variety of shots from the ground adding a professional touch to portraits, property and landscape shoots. 

The Classic Touch

Looking for a Classic Touch for your photos? We have recently acquired a BEAUTIFUL Olympus OM-1n Film Camera and have had it restored back to its original state.  With this camera, we can take you back and deliver timeless prints of today with the vintage feel of film!

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

   This portable and handheld gimbal allow us to ensure that the scenes we capture comes out as smooth as butter with no bumps or unnecessary motion. We have modified ours to handle the amazing RED Hydrogen One Camera.

Zoom F1 Field Recorder

The Zoom F1 is a serious tool. Its small size allows us to hide the equipment while letting us capture the nuance of every word.​ We seamless mix this audio and sync it to the video for your event!

Our Industry Partners

   We have access to many more drones and equipment with the help our our partners. These partners have both smaller and larger drones and cameras that will help us to get the best end product to you. 


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