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US Navy 2011-2017


 FAA# 4174343

William "Bill" Franchy

Founder | Creative Director | Drone Operator



With a diverse background in the US Navy, IT, and Project Management, Bill can

handle anything that is thrown at him.   He and his wife Kelly love to explore with their 2 dogs and new son while looking for adventure and the best shots wherever they can find it.

Finding his way into the photography and videography world, through the lenses of our cameras and drones he will provide you the most unique perspective for you and your events.

He is also an advocate for and educates the public about the safe, responsible use of small UAVs for aerial photography and for recreation.  He firmly believes this technology is safer, less expensive and provides much better results with less time and resources than aerial photography using traditional aircraft.


Kelly-Rae Franchy

Co-Founder | Director of Photography

Kelly received her Bachelors Degree

in Art and Design with a Photo-Imaging Concentration from Towson University in Maryland.

Her photography portfolio is a taste of everything from weddings, military reunions, and portraits; to a casual couples shoot at a park or walking down the street.

 "Every glimpse of life and love and laughter deserves to be remembered, and this is my way of making them a part of history. I'm growing as I go, and loving every step along the way."


Her portfolio can be found at:


Jackson Franchy

Somewhat Helpful Assistant


Riley & Juno

The Mascots

Our Other Team Members

We work with other experienced drone pilots in our area who we are glad and proud to call our friends.

All of our pilots have years of experience and stellar safety records and are either FAA Certified or fly under the supervision

of a qualified and licensed operator to ensure all regulations are followed.

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